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A forum for Nikon owners or those with questions about Nikon gear. There are general discussion groups or specialized areas about flash photography, lighting techniques, lenses and accessory gear. Other areas focus on software applications and they offer a wide variety of photo galleries. They also offer monthly photo contests and photo business forums.

This site offers Nikon owners, or those interested in Nikon gear various levels of service. A free trial membership will give you access to a lot of the site, although the three pay levels ($25-$75-$200) are required for continuous use and access to all of the sites features. There are a wide variety of discussion forums that cover general areas of photography, and others for camera model specific forums. They offer personal blogs and galleries, photo challenges/contests, and discounts on some photo gear.

This site is probably best known for it's photo equipment reviews. Their reviews are lengthy and cover all the details about any camera you may be interested in. They also offer a Buyers Guide and extensive sample photo galleries. The photography forums cover some general topic areas, and camera models specific forums. You can post photos in the forums and they offer challenge/contests on a regular basis.

Digital Darkroom.com
This UK site offers general discussion forums and others specific to Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji and Sony. There are a variety of photo galleries and post processing discussion areas covering subjects like RAW camera files, Photoshop techniques and HDR photography. Photo printers and printing techniques are also covered in various forums Using different types of software.
=== Other Forums ===

Photo.net - This site has photo equipment reviews and information, sales, photo galleries and more.

Photography-on-the-Net presents: Canon Digital Photo Forum - This forum appears to offer features that are similar to NikonCafe.com.

Pentax Forum.com - This forum appears to offer features that are similar to the NikonCafe.com.

The Photo Forum.com - An online photo community with forums, galleries and blogs.