Dig-Cam Web Resources

Joe McNally’s Blog - For decades Joe has been shooting photos for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and a host of other high-end clients. To refine my flash photography skills I read his books and watched his DVDs on Nikon flash photography. I have been reading Joe's blog for years and found it to be a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Many of his postings include detailed how-to information and behind the scenes photos showing his lighting setups. To subscribe to his blog click on the newsfeed/ subscription icon (light brown square icon with three curved white lines on right side of the blog page). HERE are some examples of what I was able to accomplish using McNally's off-camera lighting techniques.
What’s in Joe McNally’s Camera Bag - HERE is a fascinating and useful resource on McNally's blog offering an in-depth list of all the camera gear, flash/lighting equipment and computer gear that he uses to complete his photo assignments. If you want to know exactly what gear a pro shooter uses on location and in the studio to get those fantastic shots this is a complete list.
Ron Martinsen Photo Blog - I read Ron's blog as an email feed. His daily postings are almost always his reviews of photo gear and software, although periodically he will have a guest reviewer. His reviews cover all the major manufacturers with info about their latest offerings.
David Hobby’s Blog, Strobist - In addition to producing books and DVDs about flash photography David hosts this voluminous off-camera lighting blog. This blog is the one place that you can go for answers to almost any question about still photo lighting. This is an additional source that helped me to develop my still photo lighting techniques. Like McNally, David is a working professional photographer who also teaches in print, video and in workshops.
Strobist on Flickr - David Hobby hosts this Flickr page so that others can show the world what they're doing in their off-camera flash photography endeavors. If you want to see some of the best examples of off-camera flash photography on the web this is the place. Pro and advanced amateur shooters post their work here for others to view and comment on. The threads that accompany most of the photos will give you detailed info on how that shot was created. Additionally David has his own page on Flickr and the Hoco360 blog.
PDXStrobist on Flickr - this Flickr page is primarily for off-camera flash photographers in Portland Oregon USA.
Dan winters Photography - Dan has won dozens of USA and international awards and has his work on exhibit in galleries in several cities. When you browse through his site HERE you'll see the work of a master photographer. I find his lighting techniques, posing and set design to be a great source of inspiration. His client list includes GQ, Vanity Fair, WIRED, Rolling Stone and many others. His clients for print include Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, and others. Regular music clients include A&M, Sony BMG, Warner Brothers, Interscope and Epitaph.
B&H Photo
is my primary online source for camera and lighting gear. Their website is well-organized and makes it easy to find photo accessories that are no longer available in local camera shops. Another online source that has proven reliable is Adorama HERE. A good place to buy camera gear at the lowest price is on Amazon HERE - this is where I bought my Nikon D700.
DPreview.com - HERE is the main website that I go to for camera reviews. You'll find lots of detailed information and analysis about specific camera models. They offer detailed photos of cameras and lenses and sample images.
Ken Rockwell.com - A good camera and lens review site HERE.