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While the D700's auto focus system is accurate and flexible, it also appears to some photogs as being overwhelmingly complex and out of their reach to learn and use. Don’t feel intimidated by the numerous setup and operating choices... it’s just a flexible AF system that anyone can master. This article explains the AF system setup and operation in easy to understand terms. Download a FREE set of reference cards and a copy of the article in several formats.
Here's what's covered in this commentary...
1. How this article applies to the Nikon D3X, DX, D4, D300 and D800
2. Overview of the Nikon D700 Auto Focus system, it's in-camera menus, bottoms and switches
3. Set Once and Variable AF Mode Menu Settings
4. How to use the “MY MENU” feature to make the AF system easier to use
5. A list of my D700 “My Menu" items
6. How to use the D700 AF front and back buttons/switches
7. Shooting situation and examples of AF system setup and operation

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