Sci-Fi Reborns_Cover-2
A novel by John Mantzefield
Copyright © 2013

If you like sci-fi books and movies about adventures on other worlds but you really don’t care for the military elements, violence, and ghastly alien creatures, this story is for you. For decades, I’ve studied UFO contactee stories and related subjects and used that rich source material to create a story of adventure that answers the question of what life is like onboard the disk ships that so many people on Earth have seen.

You’ll follow Mark and Jill Cormack through life-changing discoveries and encounters, triggered by finding a treasure trove of alien artifacts. Light Beings from beyond the physical plane guide them through a series of tumultuous events, where they learn about the greater realities of the artifact builders. These discoveries propel them into the company of an enigmatic mentor and teacher who can read their etheric life-force energy patterns and use an advanced device to view the probabilities of the near future.

This story will help you to unlock memories about your past lives on peaceful worlds. If you love hearing UFO contactees being interviewed on
Coast to Coast AM radio, explore the world of this story to learn about the guiding principles of life on advanced worlds. If your intuitive knowingness tells you that people on other worlds live in peace and harmony, guided by the One Creator, follow Mark and Jill as they witness life in a society thousands of years more advanced than Earth. Learn about a highly developed system of commerce and exchange. Learn why some unruly, controlling people on other worlds are compelled to reincarnate on Earth to learn how to live in peace, respecting the free will of others. Learn of a bold, dynamic plan to help the people of Earth resurrect their oppressed and beleaguered societies and rejuvenate the environment. Affirm your true universal identity.

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During the writing process I found that I needed reference images of the things that I was trying to describe. Here is a collection of original artwork that helped me to define what devices and places on advanced worlds might look like.