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I've lived in the Portland area all my life, except during the four years I spent in the military. While in the Navy I worked as an aviation electronics technician, and traveled to several foreign countries and many parts of the USA. After high school and college I worked in several skilled trades as a carpenter, cabinetmaker, welder and in various creative/technical positions in film and video production. I worked for eight years at Mira Film and Video, who made numerous TV commercials, industrial videos, music videos and short form dramatic programs. I've also crewed on dozens of Cable Access programs and low-budget film shoots. I produced/directed a local Cable Access program called “Northwest Computer User”, which was hosted by PMUG member Charles DeVore - this show was instrumental in introducing me to Mac computing. To promote PMUG I produced, shot and edited a 23 minute promotional video which was shown at a PMUG General Meeting, the DV/Graphics SIG, at MacWorld and on Cable Access TV in Portland. This video shows all aspects of PMUG activities, classes, etc. The video was shot on DV video tape and edited with Final Cut Pro. Graphics and visual effects were created with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The music for the video was made with Sonicfire and the narration and sound effects were edited with Pro Tools.