Mouse Tracks Covers

Mouse Tracks is a locally written and published monthly journal that reports on the activities of the Portland Macintosh Users Group. This magazine includes Mac news, product reviews, user tips, club news, and a calendar. In December 1999 I began producing works of cover art for Mouse Tracks and wrote articles describing how they were created. I periodically created MT covers until July 2007.

To see all the cover images go to this page on my Zenfolio photo sharing site

This image is representative of several of my MT covers where I modeled and rendered 3D objects (as still images) and then used Photoshop to composite them over a background photo. A similar process is used in movie special effects sequences wear 3D characters or objects are composited over background footage.

This cover and some others were created using a combination of 3D images made in Cinema4D and the shape, lighting and texture tools in Photoshop. After the basic shapes were created in Photoshop including text, the lighting and texture functions were applied and adjusted until the final image is completed.

This cover image is one of several MT covers that I did using a 3D modeling and rendering program called Cinema4D. This type of software allows you to create any kind of scene that you can imagine, applying lighting and surface color/textures to the objects in the scene to give them a realistic appearance.